Gabriella Salvete

Vitamin C Serum


A nourishing face and décolleté serum with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that visibly brightens the skin and helps to improve the overall skin condition and colour uniformity.

Vitamin C – it is a powerful antioxidant, protects the skin from the effects of free radicals and fights the symptoms of skin aging, effectively regenerating the skin and restoring its elasticity. It unifies the skin tone by lightening pigment spots and imperfections to brighten the skin effectively. It is essential for collagen production and cell renewal. Its anti-inflammatory effects help to relieve problematic skin issues.

Hyaluronic acid – it strengthens skin firmness and elasticity, supporting the formation of new collagen and elastic fibres. By strengthening the skin’s ability to retain water, it makes the skin hydrated and wrinkle free. The skin is tight and has a youthful appearance. Thanks to these characteristics, it supports wrinkle reduction.

Vitamin E – it is a powerful antioxidant, helps to protect the skin against the effects of free radicals, prevents premature aging and slows down skin scaling.

Kojic acid – a natural substance produced by a Japanese fungus called koji. It lightens unwanted pigmentation and pigment spots, unifying the skin tone.

Green algae extract – effective skin hydration.

Allantoin – it protects, soothes and hydrates the skin, minimizes pores, supports skin tissue renewal, protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation and reduces the effects of free radicals.

Grapefruit seed extract – antibacterial effects.

Cactus extract – hydration and nutrition.

Natural extract from Portulaca Oleracea – it alleviates symptoms of aging, soothes the skin and supports healing.

Apply every morning and evening to the thoroughly cleansed face, neck and décolleté skin and gently rub in using a circular motion, working upwards. Avoid the eye area. Keep away from light.