Gabriella Salvete

Matte Foundation

Matte Foundation will coat your skin with a velvety smooth emulsion covering up its flaws and will care for its suppleness and vitality. It will significantly reduce the activity of sebaceous glands without clogging up the pores and the skin remains matt throughout the day. The foundation consists of a unique triple matt system while keeping the skin hydrated. In the first layer the skin is nourished with an elixir of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E with strong anti-oxidising properties caring for the skin and reducing the activity of sebaceous glands. This is followed by a permeable absorption layer which does not clog up the pores and prevents scaly skin. The third layer is a special ingredient that changes the liquid structure of the make-up into a light powder and ensures an ultra matt look for up to 8 hours. Matte Foundation is suitable for normal to oily skin.

*For easy and precise application use soft make-up sponge with the handle or 3D make-up sponge by Gabriella Salvete.


100 Porcelain
101 Ivory
102 Beige
103 Soft Beige
104 Light Sand