Gabriella Salvete

Loose Powder

Loose matte powder

An indispensable make-up product and the perfect matte finish for your make-up

Main benefits

 ✓ the powder gives your skin a silky-smooth and natural look thanks to the contained silicates that perfectly absorb sebum to prevent unwanted shine

✓  it contains mica micro-particles scattering light and ensuring a uniform skin appearance

✓  perfect adhesion and durability

✓  the contained iron oxides serve as natural filters to protect your skin from UV-A and UV-B radiation

✓  it does not dry out your skin

Take the product with a cosmetic brush or foam applicator directly from the box over the “smart sieve” and tap it over the back of your hand.Apply after you have put on your make-up for fixation and matte finish or separately for a matte finish of your skin.You can repeat the application at any time during the day.

Available in two natural shades.