Gabriella Salvete

Highlighting Foundation

W/s emulsion at high coverage, with oil free mattifying effect. Creamy and comfortable in application, that results great, not heavy at all, with good coverage and smooth. The finish is light and silky. The texture contains sun filter to reach SPF 15.
The Color Corrector concept is based on both the formulation and on the combination in between pigments and physical sun filters. It’s implemented then with functional active ingredients: Seve Marine has a specific “boosting radiance” and assure luminosity and skin perfectize action, while Native Essence stimulates the cermides synthesis (kind III and VI, reinforcing the skin protective barrier), regulates desquamation and stimulates the Keratogenesis and the skin breathing.
Cell turn-over for a global skin renewal. Boosting radiance for an increased luminosity with total natural effect.

*For easy and precise application use soft make-up sponge with the handle or 3D make-up sponge by Gabriella Salvete.


100 Ivory
101 Classic Ivory
102 Soft Beige
103 True Ivory
104 Sand