Gabriella Salvete

False Eyelash Kit Princess

Effective false eyelashes from natural hair for dramatic, but still natural look.

  • Suitable for all shapes of the eyes, they will give your eyes a dramatic look.
  • Eyelashes on transparent background are ideal for delicate make-up, but can also be used with eyeliner for a more pronounced look.
  • Eyelashes are light and will not weight your eyes down.
  • Natural material perfectly copies the structure of your own eyelashes, and after the application the eyelashes look quite natural.
  • Eyelashes will give your look an entirely new dimension.
  • Eyelash glue, which is part of the kit, is easy to use and does not damage your eyelashes when removing the false ones.
  • The glue is easy to remove with water, make-up remover or milk cleanser.
  • Eyelashes can be used repeatedly.


Put a thin layer of glue on the bottom part of the eyelashes (transparent band) directly from the tube. Wait until it starts to thicken. Apply eyelashes on your upper eyelid right above your own eyelashes with the help of tweezers or a finger. First apply the middle of the eyelash band, then press both ends to the outer and inner eye corners, and finally repeatedly press the whole length of the eyelashes to fix them properly. Let dry for a while.


For a perfect look use Liquid Contour Eyeliner.