Gabriella Salvete

Beauty Sponge set


Create the perfect make-up with 4 mini sponges from Gabriella Salvete TOOLS Beauty Sponge Set. Suitable for applying your favorite make-up, concealer, blush or powder. It will ensure you a natural and flawless appearance.

Why Beauty Sponge Set?

  • package contains 4 cosmetic mini sponges
  • suitable for applying make-up, concealer, blush and powder
  • ensure an application of the product
  • sponges can be used dry or wet
  • you can easily create a natural look

Proper use of cosmetic mini sponges:

Use a sponge to apply your favorite makeup, concealer, blush or powder to your skin. For a dewy look, use a wet sponge, for classic make-up dry. Remember to clean the sponges regularly.