Gabriella Salvete

Art Eyeliner Shadow

ART eyeliner contour is eyeliner with a correction and shade erasure for a modern way of make-up. It creates a dense, long-lasting eye-line contour. The eyeliner is provided with a special erasure for eye-line correction or can be used to harmonize shades with a final effect of smoked make-up.


To emphasise your eyes apply contour on the lower eye-lid under lashes starting from the middle of your eye and as you draw the line towards the outer corner make in thicker. Apply upper contour starting at the inner corner of your eye towards the outer corner this time draw a narrowing line contour. When creating a shadowing art draw an eye-line on the upper lid twice as thicker then use an erasure and with gentle sidelong upwards strokes get the shadowing effect. Use a clean erasure to correct improper eye-line.