Gabriella Salvete

Say WOW to the next season

TADAAA! Gabriella Salvete’s autumn new products come to drugstores: Amazing nail polish filled with surprise and glitter, metallic eye shadow or breathtaking palette of eye shadows from passionate red to mysterious purple and much more. We are looking forward for you to try out our news!

STARDUST ENAMEL LIMITED EDITION promises crystal effects and Stardust reflection in your fashion Cosmopolitan Luxury Nail Polish makeup.

Try fashion trend with leather, crystal and metallic effects with METALLIC ROUGE ENAMEL LIMITED EDITION.

NAIL & CUTICLE ARGAN OIL protects the nail plate by reconstituting a lipid film. Nails are shiny, smooth, tonic and flexible, cuticles are instantly soothed and softened.

QUICK DRY DROPS is a powerful time-defying formula that, with a single drop, dries your nail polish in seconds.

LIP BALM SCRUB is practical scrub stick that helps you to take care of your lips, which are always exposed to forces that can make them cracked and dehydrated.

Metal nuances for Cosmopolitan look mixed Simplicity and precision the new keys to New Worldly Elegance make up: this is new EYESHADOW & EYELINER 2IN1!

JUMBO KAJAL brings Intense Black for a dramatic effect and extravagant geometric makeup.

PALETTE 10 SHADES VIOLET consists of shades from violet, pink, rose romantic shades to red and black colours for the creation of new Cosmopolitan Luxury eye makeup.