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As early as 2021, a return to the 1990s was seen everywhere, and the same trend continues this year. What should you not miss? Contoured lips! But don't be afraid that the fashion of lips with a dark line has returned. The contour has returned, but in a softer, lighter, much more flattering form.


The look that is the most in and that you will see on celebrities and catwalks is contoured lips in combination with glossy finish. How to do it? It's not complicated, just try a few times and you will master this trend.


Everything starts with hydration

ZLet's start, of course, with stating that the lips should be hydrated, without dry flakes and bumps. This is the only way you can apply the contour exactly. We recommend using the balm whenever you are not wearing lipstick on and occasionally giving them a gentle peeling with a massage brush.


For a basic nude look that will be very popular in 2022, you will need three products: a brown pencil, nude lipstick and a transparent gloss. Choose a contouring pencil that has a cool light brown shade. You can start by taking your favorite eyebrow color first and trying it out. Depending on how you like the result, you can then go for a darker / lighter shade. Draw the contour slightly around the outer border of the lips - this will visually enlarge them.


Then fill your lips with nude/dusty pink/rosewood lipstick. And now comes the important step: smear the line with your finger and blend it with the lipstick. This will create a smooth transition between the two colors. It will leave a shadow around your lips that will highlight your lips. By no means should it be a sharp line.

Don't forget gloss!

The last step that will be typical for make-up this year is gloss. Apply it either on the whole lips or just in the middle of the upper and lower lip. And you have lips straight from a magazine with beauty trends for 2022! You can then experiment with the colors and shades of the contour to your liking. A simple rule you can follow is to choose a contour two shades darker for your lipstick.