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Recent years have been shuffling the cards in cosmetic trends, because we spent a lot more time at home, putting on and taking off our face masks. Instead of meetings, we switched to Zoom and instead of parties we put on make-up rather for ourselves, just for the joy of looking good. And also to keep the impression that the world is in order again. Cosmetic trends as we could see them at the fashion shows of leading designers for spring / summer 2022 are gentle and bold at the same time. Let's take a look at them - you will definitely enjoy them!

Natural-looking skin

On the catwalks and on the faces of celebrities, we see a significant trend in makeup, and that is the natural appearance of the skin. The contouring of the whole face and the application of many layers is gone in 2022, instead the trend of subtlety and minimalism is beginning. So reach for makeup that is not covering, don't be afraid to let freckles shine through and fix it all with just a light dusting of transparent powder. And that's not all - read on and add a touch of shine!

Glowing look

The key to the trendy look for 2022 is shine - and i tis everywhere! Not only on the eyes, but also on the lips and cheeks. Try to play with lip gloss and apply it on brightly colored eye shadows, or use a little gloss over the cheekbones instead of a brightener. Invest in multifunctional brighteners in a stick or in a cream formy. They will become your necessary go-to products this year.

Distinctive blushes

In 2022, we will often see distinctive blush colors on the minimalist, dewy foundations. It could be coral red, neon pink, and for those who like to experiment, it's purple - so, dare you? You don't have to buy straight a blush in such a "wild" color, first try to look in palettes with eye shadows, you will definitely find some such strong color to try there.

Glitter everywhere

Those who have the courage to go even further will use glitter instead of brightener in 2022, even for a day look. A little on the cheekbones, in the middle of the lower lip, in the middle of the upper eyelid, but the brave ones can put it even in the eyebrows! Be careful - always only in one place!

Bold eyebrows

Covered faces are the cause for continuation of a trend that has been on the rise for a few yearsnnow: prominent eyebrows. On the stars we see it very naturally formed, often laminated, but only finely filled, so no dark thick streaks above the eyes. At home, you can achieve the look with fixating gels and powder eyebrow colors, which guarantee a more natural look than pencils or markers.

Dark lip contours

Do you remember how the lips framed by a dark contour were worn in the 1990s? This style of make-up has been forgotten or even completely taboo for many years, but this year it reports a return! But as usual, it has its BUTs. The contour must not be too dark and should be blurred until it creates a shadow around the lips rather than a sharp frame. When you fill it with nude lipstick and tap a little gloss in the middle of your lips, that's exactly it!

Daring eyeliner

Do you want to try something new? So reach for the colored eye pencil. It can also be metallic or neon, in 2022 there are no limits. Do you like a distinctive split line at the end? A line painted on the area above the eyelid under the eyebrow? Or a graphic futuristic ornament? Take a look at social media and get inspired? We wish you a firm hand