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Healthy red cheeks, glowing eyes and snowflakes shimmering on the lashes. The image of a fairytale winter can be beautiful for a while, but we must not forget that it is a difficult time for the skin. Sudden temperature changes from the warmth of the home to the outside frost, too dry air in an overheated room, forgotten gloves, a poorly chosen cream containing too much water - there is a lot that can go wrong. Dry or, on the contrary, excessively oily skin, cracked lips, burning eyelids, peeling skin on the hands… Spring is almost knocking on the door, so it is necessary to prepare well for it and greet the first sun with radiant, smooth skin.


If you have cheated a caring routine in the winter, then do not expect any miracles overnight. But we will advise you a few tricks on how to get to beautiful skin faster. These are seemingly small changes, but together they work great. Even so, it will take at least a month - but at least waiting for spring will pass by faster!


Don't forget to protect yourself from the sun

In the mountains, yes, but every day? Certainly! Even if you don't think so, the harmful rays of the sun are all around you even in winter. Fortunately, a number of cosmetic products already contain the SPF factor, so you can easily handle it. Use Highligting Foundation Brightening Makeup and then Matte or Nude Powder compact powders - all with SPF 15!

Replace alcohol with water

Although the cold weather tempts you to have mulled wine or grog, prefer tea or water. Your skin will thank you! Alcohol dries not only when you apply it to your skin, but also when you drink it. In order for the body to process it, it needs water - and it takes it wherever it can, so even in the skin. It is most visible on the delicate skin around the eyes, which is why we look so tired and as if gray after drinking alcohol. And if you've already sinned, at least try first aid in the form of canvas masks that work quickly. Try Moisturizing Face Mask Coconut and Under Mask Face Mask Collagen Gold. Give your hands a Hand Mask.

Use a humidifier

Your skin rejoices when you give it hydration at home. If it's cold outside, you definitely know that you should watch out for creams with a high water content. Denser creams protect better, but how to keep skin hydrated? Simply: give her a "drink" at home from the air. If you do not have a humidifier, try putting a bowl of water on the heater. And lower your sleeping temperature in your bedroom. Not only will you sleep better, but you will also have better skin. Don't forget your lips - you should not miss a moisturizing lip balm in your handbag, try the lightly toned Miracle Lip Balm. Wipe your lips with a colorless balm even at bedtime.

Use only gentle peelings

To prepare your skin for spring, treat it to a rejuvenating routine. But beware of coarser exfoliations - go for it slowly and gradually instead, so that you do not deprive the skin of the entire protective layer that it really needs outside. Use, for example, a soft Cleansing Puff pad or a Face Cleansing Brush for make-up removal. Thanks to two different sides, it cleanses, hydrates the skin and prepares it for the application of other products.

More layers = more protection

Just like you layer clothes in winter, you also layer protection on your face. It's completely logical: more layers protect more, and each of them, as with clothing, can also perform a different function! Start with a base that smoothes and unifies the skin. Foundation will last longer with it, too - ideally reach for one with a protective factor. The same goes for the powder. When applying products on your eyes, do not forget apply the base underneath the eyeshadows. You can also use concealer. Cold weather can also damage eyelashes, so they also deserve extra care - for example with Panoramico Argan Oil mascara. Thanks to the content of rare oil, they will be deeply nourished and protected.