Gabriella Salvete

Lumi & Glow powder

Brightening powder for perfect and luminous skin. Maintain your skin gleaming and perfect finish of make-up.

  • Contained pigments in the formula ensure long-lasting effect
  • Special technology containing Talc mineral against product moistening. Further, Talc provides the extension of product’s lifetime period. It keeps the long-term usage of the product.
  • Mineral Mica ensures splash of the light, hides all the skin imperfections and provides the effect of perfect skin.
  • Thanks to Silicon, the powder is soft and easily applicable.
  • Iron oxides are natural protectors against UV light.

Possible to use separately or in combination with other Gabriella Salvete make-up products. It is recommended to use it also as bronzer.

Effect and texture of the product

Naturally brightened skin.


Available in 2 shades for all skin types.